Tax services for the 21st century

We're not just advisors. We're profitability consultants. We understand how to meet your individual and business tax compliance and advisory needs. Whether in Main Street or across the globe, our knowledgeable resources reach far and wide. We help individuals and companies find the right answers to complex tax questions.

Discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing your taxes are in the hands of a team that raises the bar for every client.

We understand how to navigate the ever-increasing challenges of the tax code. We handle everything - from income tax planning to preparing all types of business and personal tax returns. We can manage your payroll, sales tax and personal property tax, assist you with compliance issues, and deliver high value tax consulting.

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Schmidt Westergard is always there for us. They've been on top of our tax needs and a valuable contributor to our goal-setting process.

  • Business Tax

    Whether undertaking acquisition activity, expanding operations or meeting increasingly burdensome tax deadlines, businesses are constantly confronted with the challenges of tax compliance and regulations on a multinational, national, state, and local level.  We have the expertise and experience to provide your business with sophisticated tax planning as you navigate the road ahead.  We also bring value and peace of mind as we provide responsive and timely solutions to your historical tax filing requirements.

    We are experienced in serving clients in a broad range of industries and with a broad range of tax structures, including corporations, partnerships, trusts and estates, foundations, and non-profits.  Our team of professionals is skilled in architecting tax strategies and responding quickly to opportunities and challenges as they emerge.

  • Personal Tax

    We help you minimize taxes for both business and family through our strategic and proactive tax-planning services. Our team of tax specialists has extensive experience with federal and state tax issues regarding the taxation of individuals for Gifts, Estates, Trusts, Pensions, Properties and much more.

    We offer much more than standard compliance work. We guide you in ways that preserve wealth, optimize taxes, and maintain state and federal compliance. We work diligently to make sure you are taking advantage of the many tax planning strategies available, and we ensure you are in compliance with income tax laws and help prepare all necessary tax returns.

  • Tax Controversy Representation

    Whether responding to notices, filing protests, requesting rulings, or resolving complex federal or state audit issues, our team is highly skilled in representing you on tax examinations and other controversies before the IRS and state taxing authorities.