Legacy Delivers Traditional K8 Education, High Performance

For a public institution co-founded by a teacher, such results create a high level of optimism for the future of public education as well as the welfare of teachers. Strong performance leads to better recruitment of a diverse student population, which in turn helps the district reinvest in facilities and faculty.

Since 2013, Schmidt Westergard has conducted external independent annual audits for Legacy Traditional Schools as required by the states of Arizona and Nevada (Legacy operates two K-8 charter schools in Nevada). The district also relies on Schmidt Westergard to file the entity’s required Form 990 tax form and to audit the 401(k) employee benefit plan.

“We offer a six percent district match for our 401(k) participants,” noted Alanna Vitucci, Legacy’s spokesperson and director of communications. “As one of Arizona’s highest-paying charter networks, we pay a wage that helps encourage that our teachers, all of whom are certified, stay in the field of teaching.”

Defined by their traditional method of teacher-led instruction rather than peer or group-focused instruction, Legacy emphasizes accelerated academics and ample opportunities for sports, music and field trips to locations such as Washington, D.C. and Boston.

Vitucci noted that school officials have been pleased with the consistent process for their annual audits for state compliance, allowing them to focus on district planning and growth. As testimony to Legacy’s growth, recently, four schools have added preschool education for 3, 4 and 5-year-olds.

And when it comes to Legacy alumni reaching their dreams of higher education, Vitucci told us, “One student who graduated from our eighth grade four years ago was awarded a full-ride scholarship to Georgetown University. Another student was a runner-up at the National Spelling Bee. So Legacy is very proud of the foundation we are creating for thousands of elementary and middle-school students in Arizona…and now Nevada.”

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