Our advisors apply years of business experience to help you manage your most difficult business challenges. Whether you are looking for input on a new business strategy, crisis management during stressful times, or expert testimony in hearings or trials, we are here for you. Our reliable insight makes it possible for us to provide advanced advisory services the way only genuine experts can. We offer a broad range of Strategic Advisory Services for everything from business plan assistance to litigation, acquisitions, and due diligence.

Trust us for expert opinions to guide you through today’s turbulent economy.

Entity Selection

Select the best entity to maximize your tax savings and limit your risks that will help you reach your objectives at start up, during maturity and achieve your end game.


New Business Ventures

Design and implement an accounting system, obtain tax planning counsel and stay abreast of e-commerce taxation issues, or seek input on your business plan and strategy. Maximize your company value, prepare you for an acquisition, or help you take your company public.


Corporate Restructuring

Stabilize and enhance an asset’s or business’ value which finds itself in operational, financial or legal distress.


Succession Planning

Helping family owned businesses transition control, ownership and business involvement to the next generation or key employees, while minimizing tax burden.


Executive Compensation Strategies

Develop tax effective compensation structures, equity compensation plans, and compensation strategies to attract and retain your most valuable asset–your employees.


Bankruptcy and Insolvency

We work with attorneys, bankers, creditors or owners to provide guidance on valuation of assets, forensic accounting and testifying with regard to accounting controls and the laws governing financial reporting.


Due Diligence

Perform the proper analysis to determine the viability and advisability of making an investment in, lending money to, merging, or acquiring a closely-held business.


Business Valuations

Determine the value of a business interest or assets, which can materially impact litigation, asset values on a company’s financial statements, or a particular business decision.


Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support

Translate financial information into language that is simple for a judge, arbitrator or jury to understand, which your attorneys can use in a litigation or settlement.


Technology Consulting

Merge process and technology to make your business more effective and efficient–giving you that competitive edge.


Cost Segregation

To enhance your tax strategy, we have experience in cost segregation studies and reporting enhanced asset depreciation in real estate, manufacturing or other businesses that own or lease personal and real property assets. We can also provide a second opinion on cost seg outcomes.

“Schmidt Westergard keeps us informed on situations or challenges that could arise. They will then work with us on how to respond. They’re thorough, which allows them to be proactive. They don’t just drill down an inch; they drill down a foot or two to make sure everything is done right.”


– Jerry Trejo,Trejo Fuels