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At SW WealthCare Services, we help individuals and businesses grow, protect and transfer wealth. Whether you need help with financial planning or setting up a retirement for your business, we’re here to support your financial future.  We follow a simple formula to understand and address your complex financial needs:


Advanced Planning + Investment Consulting + Relationship Management = Wealth Management



At SW WealthCare, we offer:


Insight – “We need help knowing how to invest our savings…”  As our client, you gain insight on how the financial markets operate. We explain the investment choices and the associated costs.  We understand your investments represent your past hard work and the means to accomplish your future goals. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge so together we can grow and protect your assets.


Simplicity – “We want to reduce and simplify our life…”  As your assets increase, so does the complexity of managing them. Our focused approach helps you simplify and consolidate your financial concerns and prepare you for an abundant life after employment.


Clarity – “Will I have enough?” Our advance planning approach helps you clarify and establish targeted goals and realistic expectations for the future.  After our initial planning phase, we often hear, “I feel so much better now. I have a clearer view of what the future holds for me.” From how much you need during retirement to how much you can give to charity, we help you identify the opportunities within your reach.


Priorities – “How do I leave a meaningful legacy?”  At SW WealthCare, we have learned that successful financial wealth transfers are preceded by successful transfers of values. In order to leave a meaningful legacy, your goals and values should mirror what is important to you. We are committed to staying focused on your priorities and helping you do the same.


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About SW WealthCare Services


SW WealthCare Services, LLC is a comprehensive wealth management firm that works closely with clients, utilizing a consultative approach to financial, business, investment and life planning. We work with Kevin Shorts, CFP®, PFS, an Independent Advisor Representative with Tribeca Financial .


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We engage in new relationships only after we have determined that we can add substantial value in helping our clients achieve their most important goals. We aim to enter long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that are expected to be multi-generational.


SW WealthCare Services, LLC is an independent affiliate of Schmidt Westergard.